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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Hemp law has most big-city prosecutors in Texas stepping back from marijuana charges. But...

Many prosecutors say the way Gov. Greg Abbott and lawmakers redefined marijuana requires new lab testing to prove it’s different than recently legalized hemp. The situation has created a patchwork of different consequences for people caught with pot.

Business groups sue San Antonio to end paid sick leave ordinance

The lawsuit is likely to delay the ordinance's Aug. 1 effective date.

Panther Island developer runs into setback; in process of dismantling garage

The most visible sign of private development on Panther Island has encountered a serious setback and is being demolished. Dallas-based developer Encore Enterprises Inc. is the midst of razing a parking garage for a 300-unit...

As Texas seeks to overturn Obamacare, attention focuses on a potential swing judge

Jennifer Walker Elrod, a federal appeals court judge appointed by George W. Bush, asked the majority of the questions in a two-hour session Tuesday on Texas' lawsuit.

Texas is going to court to end Obamacare. It hasn’t produced a plan to...

July 8, 2019 Last year, after a federal judge in Texas declared the entirety of the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional, throwing into question millions of Americans’ health coverage, the state’s Republican leaders promised they would...

Government lawyers affirm fight over 2020 census isn’t over, according to statement to judge

The government has begun printing the census forms without the question, and that process will continue, administration officials said.

This year, Texas passed a law legalizing hemp. It also has prosecutors dropping hundreds...

The new law changed the definition of marijuana, and prosecutors and crime labs say they don't have the resources to test if a substance is legal hemp or marijuana.

2020 Census will not include citizenship question, DOJ confirms

The decision to back away from the controversial question was a victory for civil rights advocates.

Federal judge rules against Formosa Plastics in pollution case, calling company a “serial offender”

The judge determined this week that the Taiwanese-owned company has been in "enormous" violation of its state-issued permits and federal clean water laws for discharging plastic pellets and other pollutants into Lavaca Bay and other waterways from its plant in Point Comfort.

Supreme Court to review DACA program protecting young undocumented immigrants

The Supreme Court would likely render its verdict during the 2020 presidential election year.